• robert jagger

    Disposable dentistry

    Robert Jagger makes the case for single-use hand instruments in general dental practice

  • dentist examining a patients teeth

    Exploring bruxism

    Sports psychologist Niamh Flynn looks at the possible causes and potential treatments for patients who grind their teeth

  • Fig 3d

    Accessible cosmetic dentistry

    Lisburn dentist Andrew Wallace argues that a progressive and pragmatic approach to cosmetic dentistry shouldn’t be beyond any willing dental practitioner

  • callan dental outside

    Adapt and move

    In the 10 years since graduating, Jacqueline Clune has grown her first practice into one of the biggest in the south east

  • Julia Beaumont

    Dental research and the Great Famine

    After the publication of a paper with an extremely strong Irish flavour in PLOS ONE in August, Julia Beaumont reflects on the events and pathways which have led her to this point

  • Removing pain and anxiety without medication

    Niamh Flynn discusses the application of hypnosis in the world of dentistry

  • dental tools

    Socket preservation

    Dr Laura Fee looks at the various techniques and materials available for the purposes of socket preservation post extraction

  • niall campbell

    From dental health to mental

    Dr Niall Campbell speaks about his journey from dentistry to psychology

  • Dr Sean Malone

    Links across the Atlantic

    RCSI Dental Faculty is preparing for an invasion of US delegates for this year’s Annual Scientific Meeting

  • A widening issue for gums

    Periodontal disease is a growing problem for patients and dentists, writes Dr Richard Lee Kin. Early diagnosis and intervention is crucial for better care – and for avoiding complaints and litigation