• From the hit to the quit

    Dental professionals are perfectly placed to offer smoking cessation advice to their patients, but few feel comfortable doing so, according to Dr Barry Dace and Dr Rachel Doody

  • Managing the biting forces

    Prosthodontic specialist Dr Paul A. Tipton continues his series of articles on the basic principles of tooth preparation techniques by looking at posterior crowns

  • In the pink with the right approach

    Stuart Campbell assesses the effectiveness of variety of different clinical techniques in the management of soft tissues, highlighting potential pitfalls along the way

  • Get a taste for the sandwich technique

    Sillas Duarte highlights the benefits of the sandwich impression technique for minimally invasive bonded porcelain veneers

  • Using facebook for your dental practice

    Social media can be a very useful tool to promote your practice, Gillian Heron of Pink Inc Web outlines how to get your faces online

  • You have got to have a reason

    “Turnover is vanity , profit is sanity, but cash is reality.” Gary Nelson explains that the truth behind this well-known saying is just one of the reasons to get a practice branded membership plan in place

  • Peri-implantitis: definitions and treatments

    As dental implants have grown in popularity over the past 20 years, so the incidences of peri-implantitis have also increased. Stephen Jacobs describes how to combat this difficult condition

  • Involving the patient in the process

    Stuart Campbell BDS, MFDS RCS (Edin), describes how he used a modified approach to replace a patient’s missing maxillary incisor

  • Breathing in the history

    Janet Pickles of RA Medical explores the development of nitrous oxide sedation in clinical dental practice

  • Running a targeted campaign

    How you utilise your patient database is crucial to ensuring a successful marketing campaign. Gillian Heron of Pink Inc. explains how to pinpoint the right patients with the right treatments